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Eric Lysdahl

Eric Lysdahl Lifestyle

This page is dedicated to sharing a few of Eric's suggestions for creating a more beautiful lifestyle:

The Dining Room

If you're fortunate enough to own beautiful table linens, china, silver, and glassware — use them ! Even the humblest meal can seem like more of an occasion on a beautifully set table. Don't be afraid to mix and match your patterns either — lay out your fancy silverware with simple creamware plates. Use a colorful shawl or bedcover for a tablecloth. Fresh cut flowers on the table are great; however an arrangement of fruit or even an interesting tureen, jardiniere, or piece of sculpture can make an interesting centerpiece —be creative. When it comes to adding instant ambiance, nothing works better (or less expensively) than turning down the electric lights and illuminating the room by candlelight !

dining room dining room

The Living Room

I recommend having at least two different seasonal sets of pillows, throws, and accessories as a great way to keep your living room looking fresh throughout the year. Use lighter color palette items for spring and summer in linens and cottons, and deeper colors in velvets and woolens for autumn and winter. Throw an antique needlepoint rug over your sisal carpet in cooler months for an added layer of coziness. Re—arrange your artwork in different places and configurations to keep your collection from becoming too stagnant.

living room living room

Also remember that candles and aromatic room scents should change with the seasons too — lilac and freesia scents for hotter months, and amber or spice-based scents for the chilly winter months.

The Bedroom

Just as I've suggested having at least two seasonal sets of accessories in the Living Room, this is essential when it comes to your bedding ensembles. Change out your sets of bed linens, blankets, duvets, throws, and pillows in season-appropriate materials — cottons and linens for warm weather months and down, flannels, and cashmeres when the cold weather approaches. Since you spend about one-third of your life in bed, these items as well as your mattress should be the best you can afford !

Your bedside table should contain a good looking lamp that is suitable for reading, an attractive carafe and glass for ice water, and your favorite book or magazine. Take it a step further, and add to this a small vase with fresh-cut flowers or an expensive scented candle — 'Fleur de Coton' by Manuel Canovas is one of my favorites. It smells calming and dreamy even when it's not lit !